Apply for SSM AMA Grants

The SSM AMA offers a series of grants available to its members. These grants are intended to support faculty research efforts. Currently, these grants are available on a rolling basis. See grants available and application details below.


Types of Grants Available

  1. X-large Research Grant – $35,000
  2. Regular Research Grant – $12,000
  3. Micro Research Grant – $5,000
  4. Innovation Implementation Grant – $12,000


The Principal Investigator (PI) applicant for any research grant must be a member of SSM AMA.  They must be a licensed MD with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and hold an academic appointment with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).  Any student or resident studies will have a qualified PI attached and responsible.

Funding Criteria

Research applications will be assessed based on scientific merit and clinical relevance.  Based upon recommendations from the SSM AMA Scholarly Activity Subcommittee, final approval rests with the SSM AMA Board of Directors for the X-Large and Regular Research Grants. Either body has the authority to approve Micro Research Grants based on assessment speed. Physicians, especially those with extensive research experience, are encouraged to collaborate with others and apply as Co-Applicants with novice researchers listed as PIs, in lieu of themselves—where possible—to support the growth of local research experience and capacity.

Research types that will be funded include:

  1. Clinical research
  2. Device research
  3. Medical education research and practice
  4. Health systems research

In assessing an application, the following questions represent criteria that the SSM AMA Scholarly Activity Subcommittee and Board of Directors will consider. Most questions correspond to the evaluation forms found in Appendices B&C against which your applications will be scored.  Please consider these questions with respect to your research application before completing an application for funding to SSM AMA:

  1. Is the application within the interests and objectives of SSM AMA, or is the application more appropriate for support by another granting agency?
  2. Will the application add to the current state of knowledge?
  3. Is there a Knowledge Translation component/plan? Does the project have a significant educational component?
  4. Is the investigator aware of the current state of knowledge in the area to be investigated?  Does the application demonstrate that a literature review was completed?
  5. To what extent could the research project findings strengthen clinical care and improve the health outcomes of patients?
  6. Is the project patient-centred?
  7. Does the project target process improvement – efficiency (resource-saving) and effectiveness?
  8. Does the project target a measurable improvement in the quality of care, access to care, or novel care? Does the project target medical training/education? Does the project target health systems research?
  9. Are the project’s aims feasible, and can they be achieved realistically within the time frame outlined in the application?  Are the objectives of the project testable and, if the objectives are stated in the form of a hypothesis, is the time reference reasonable with respect to the realization of the testing of this hypothesis? In other words, can the objectives be met within the time frame and budget proposed?
  10. Are the research methods appropriate for the objectives of the study? Is the methodology of the application sound? The application must include sufficient detail to provide a full understanding of the steps/protocols. Is the sample size statistically justified and feasible?
  11. Is the principal investigator qualified, and is the environment in which they work satisfactory to carry out the project?  If the research is to be conducted within an institution, a letter or other documentation of institutional support for the investigator to conduct the research on those premises must be presented to the committee.
  12. Are the personnel and equipment proposed adequate to carry out the project? Are all budget items sufficiently justified in the application? Is the budget feasible regarding the objectives of the study?

Research Grant Checklist

Please use the checklists below to ensure you have completed all respective items for each grant. Failure to complete any of the checklists, unless otherwise indicated, will nullify your application leading to automatic rejection. Once you have completed all the items for the respective grant checklist, you will receive a response within 3-4 weeks from the grant submission date.

Research Grant Submission Checklist

Please use the checklist below to ensure you have the help you need for your application.

  • Have you contacted the SSM AMA Coordinator for support throughout your study’s development and the grant prep process?
  • Have you filled out the Grant Funding application form?
  • Do you need help with your literature review?
  • Do you need help with your project Budget? If so, use the SSM AMA budget template for guidance [email document with application]

Have you acquired a Letter of Support from someone with the authority to verify your research on behalf of the institution? The Letter of Support will be required in order for your project to receive final approval and can be submitted after conditional approval

Deadline and Timelines

Currently, grants are available on a rolling basis.

Budget Template

See below for budget template: