Study Title: Investigating the potential of high sensitivity Troponin I testing to safely reduce the length of stay for chest pain patients in the emergency department: a prospective cohort study

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Short Title: (Investigating Troponin Testing Time)

Sponsor: NOAMA

Primary Investigators: Dr. Stephen Smith, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Eric Traficante, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Sean Plumley, Family Medicine Resident

For most patients visiting the ED with chest pain, standard practice will typically involve testing a blood sample for Troponin levels and monitoring for a period of 3 hours before a repeat Troponin measurement will take place.

A final decision on diagnosis and management often relies on this repeat Troponin value. Expert consensus has stated that high sensitivity Troponin testing, including the specific test currently in use at SAH, can be repeated at less than 3 hours, but lacks a universally recommended time interval. More research is needed to determine whether intervals of less than 3 hours may be utilized to safely rule out a heart attack in patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain.

Investigating this enhancement to existing protocol may result in better care for chest pain patients if the results of this study indicate that it is a safe and effective method of utilizing this particular high sensitivity Troponin assay.

Study Start Date: March 2021

Number of Participants Currently at SAH:    80      (As of Date: May 14, 2021)

Study End Date: April 2022

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