Study Title: Do Initial Serum Levels of Vitamin C Predict Clinical Outcomes in the ICU?

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Short Title: (Vitamin C in Critical Illness)

Sponsor: SSM AMA

Primary Investigators:  Dr. Rishi Ghosh, Critical Care Department

Dr. Yves Landry, Critical Care Department

Dr. Jonathan DiFabio, Critical Care Department

Recent information has indicated that some patients admitted to the ICU may have low Vitamin C levels in their blood, but it is currently unknown how common this is or if this is connected to clinical outcomes in the ICU. Sault Area Hospital (SAH) physicians are interested to know how this diet-acquired vitamin and another common vitamin, B12, affects their patients in the Critical Care Unit.

Study Start Date: April 2021

Number of Participants Currently at SAH:      0          

(As of Date: March 19th, 2021)

Study End Date: May 2022

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